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As Healthcare IT advances, it is more important than ever to uncover the full power of your EMR technology and drive true patient-centric strategies. While mobile health has transformed care delivery with access to real-time communications, iPads and iPhones can also cause hazards to meet HIPAA mandates. Care teams must have access to the right solutions that revolutionize collaboration without sacrificing compliance.

Beacon Secure Messaging connects your agency to communicate in real-time – on patient visits or in the office environment. Our enterprise-grade features transform simple messaging into a robust collaboration platform.

HIPAA Compliance
End-to-end encryption safeguards ePHI while in transit and at the end point.  Plus multi-factor authentication keeps unlawful hands from access to patient data

Optimize Workflows
Real-time iOS push notifications ensure critical information is received in timely manner

Uncover greater value from your Consolo EMR
Connecting care team communication with Consolo EMR bridges the gap of siloed critical data

Replace Inefficient Technology
Email and phone tag do not foster quick responses and lack recipient accountability that drives strategic care delivery

Manage Usage
Appropriate administrative rights offer full control over usage across the agency to enforce agency-specific policies

Plus, even more features:

  • Direct or group messages
  • Secure attachments
  • Priority messaging
  • Read receipts
  • Cross Platform (conversations sync across iOS app – iPhone, iPad – and web console)
  • User status
  • Searchable, role-based directory